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Sample Endorsements!

“Dear Dr. Haas,

Congratulation to you for your great efforts to bring this book which is necessary during this stressful life.

To have peaceful and happy world it’s important to have good cultures and behaviours of individual which basically comes form the family which is depend on good parenting.

I wish this book will benefit so many peoples all around the world.

All the best.
Dr. Jampa Yonten

Director – Tibetan Healing & Wellness Center
Bangalore, India


“Transformative Parenting: The Empathic Empowering Approach to Optimal Parenting and Personal Growth by Edward V. Haas MD, is a book that all soon to be parents should be given as a gift to read before the birth. Parenting is perhaps the most important work that one does in a lifetime, yet one receives no formal training. Transformative Parenting provides a thoughtful and thought provoking guide, framework, and perspective to parenting that if followed will lead to a parent’s better understanding of self and a better understanding of their child which should translate to better parenting and a healthier parent-child relationship.

I loved the book and wish I had read it just before I had my first kid. .. I will try to get my kids to read it before they have kids.

Jon A. Lehrmann, MD
Chairman and Charles E. Kubly Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine,
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine,
Medical College of Wisconsin
Associate Chief of Staff for Mental Health
Milwaukee VA Medical Center