Welcome to my parenting blog! As the author of Transformative Parenting: The Empathic, Empowering Approach to Optimal Parenting and Personal Growth, and founder of the Institute for Transformative Parenting , I am pleased to share with you advice, upcoming events, and occasional commentary on the news.

Transformative Parenting® is a rich and deep subject that can be understood both as a spiritual path, and a psychological science. By practicing certain techniques, we are able to share in our children’s profound experience of the world, while we help them safely and efficiently acquire knowledge. This experience transforms us into more aware, more fully alive human beings.

Transformative Parenting® encompasses optimal parenting technique, cutting-edge psychological knowledge, and spiritual transformation.

Parenting can be a joy for you and your child, and a fantastic opportunity for personal growth! Leave behind anger, punishment, and frustration with your child. They are not necessary. There is a better way!

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Allow me to me help you raise a great child, and be the best parent (and person) you can be!