Inadequate Parents: Overcoming Inadequacy

I don’t know if every parent at some point struggles with feelings of inadequacy, I know I have. Recognizing our limitations is painful. This pain is made worse when we label those limitations as inadequacies. That we all have limitations should be obvious: We have limitations of ability because of lack of understanding, lack of practice, or physical disability. We have limitations of understanding because of lack of knowledge, or incorrect knowledge. We have limitations in our ability to practice because of lack of time, or lack of willpower. We have limitations of time, because we need to sleep,...

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Taking Baby to Work!

In my approach to Transformative Parenting®, fostering positive, two-way communication between parent and baby is extremely important. Unfortunately, many parents find themselves needing to go back to work shortly after giving birth, and so miss out on this critical opportunity. In this very interesting piece on CNN, Michelle Wu, the president of the Boston City Council talks about her decision to take her baby to work with her. Let’s hope her example will empower more parents to keep their child with them during these early months of life, and increase workplace acceptance of infants accompanying their...

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Co-Sleeping: Risks And Benefits Of Sleeping With Baby

An Independent Evaluation of The Risks and Benefits of Co-Sleeping. All relationships are deepened by proximity and time spent together, and the parent-child relationship is no exception. There is no substitute for time and attentiveness spent in service to your child, and there is no more critical time than infancy and the toddler years to focus on the parent-child bond. These earliest years, when the infant’s mannerisms and behaviors are developing, provide the motivated parent a unique opportunity to understand and respond to their child’s wants and needs both in the present and in the future. In my book:...

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50 Shades of Transformative Parenting

Readers have expressed a concern that registering Transformative Parenting® as a trademark may be off-putting, worrying it will be seen as an attempt to commercialize my work. In this post, I would like to explain to you why I felt it necessary to register the term Transformative Parenting® as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Let me begin with a little story. When I was almost finished with the first drafts of my book, I was casting about for a term to best describe my approach. Terms like relational, empathic, child centered, spiritual, and transformational...

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Empowerment Through Breastfeeding

In a wonderful post on Well and Good, Chelsea Clinton weighs in on two important topics related to the empowerment of women: acceptance of menstruation, and the acceptance of breastfeeding. Chelsea discusses the social and economic barriers which impact menstruating women, and mothers attempting to breastfeed their children. Their importance cannot be denied. Having access to pads and tampons can go a long way towards helping women be comfortable in social settings while menstruating. Having access to a breast pump allows a mother to provide her child nourishment when social restrictions to public breastfeeding are strong. Encouraging discussion of these topics is...

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