Gratitude: Such a powerful, transformative emotion, yet so under-appreciated!

Gratitude is both a spiritual path and destination.

Gratitute leads to contentment.
Contentment leads to compassion.
Compassion leads us to see ourselves in others, and others in ourselves.
Helping to bring peace to our family, community, and the world.

When we are happy, we experience a moment of gratitude. If we are not mindful, that moment slips away.

However, gratitude can be cultivated and experienced on its own.

The next time you feel happy, cling to the feeling of gratitude, let it linger. If you do, you will find your happiness lingering as well.

And when you are unhappy, see if you can find gratitude. If you can, your unhappiness will be transformed into contentment, and you will find peace.

Cultivate gratitude in the world by cultivating happiness in others. The easiest, and most powerful way, is to cultivate happiness in children.

Be grateful for all that you have, the present moment, and happy memories. If you are a parent, be grateful for your childrenyour greatest happiness will be found in their happiness.

Happy Thanksgiving!