Fight for these helpless families. That I am associated with a government that does such things fills me with revulsion.

In Transformative Parenting®, we support the empowerment of children; for a multitude of reasons. The separation of children from parents who love them damages them in many ways, which I don’t want to analyze here because it distracts from the urgency of the situation.

When I was young, my siblings and I suffered through a painful separation from our parents. In our case, it was no one’s fault. But this purposeful separation of children from their parents is little different from the actions of Nazis, or slavers. Our leaders nonchalantly state that these children will be placed in foster care and will be fine, but how can children understand or believe them? Indeed, we adults know those words to be lies. Who is there in these warehouses filled with children to comfort and care for them when they are alone and feel the emptiness inside that only a loving parent can fill?

This is a litmus test. Either you feel compassion for these children, or you do not.  These are real children, feeling real pain, right now. And it is entirely up to us if it will continue. The heartlessness of the leaders who order these policies, and those who carry them out, can only be sustained by the heartlessness of those who support, condone, or tolerate them.

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