While I try to keep this site oriented to parenting, particularly the approach to parenting as a spiritual practice that I call Transformative Parenting®, there are times when I am pressed to express a political opinion because to do otherwise would leave me complicit in silence with the mistreatment of children.

In a previous post, I used the situation caused by the Trump administration’s treatment of immigrant children to show the Administration’s immorality. That situation continues, though slightly improved due to the pressure put on the Administration by millions of horrified citizens expressing their outrage.

Another example of immorality I recently became aware of is the war in Yemen, where we are complicit in the murder of hundreds of thousands of children by starvation.

It is not that the President makes mistakes. In the case of Yemen, it may have seemed like a good idea initially to support Saudi Arabia against Iran. The problem is that he does not seem able to correct his mistakes in the face of overwhelming evidence. The cruel treatment of children is for me an absolute test. Those who are knowingly cruel to children, or knowingly support others who are cruel to children, do not deserve support, and in fact must be actively opposed.