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Raising a child is a powerful, widely overlooked opportunity for transformative personal growth and expansion of awareness.

We seek to educate the world, including the parenting and spiritual communities, about this previously uncharted path. To help parents and teachers everywhere, we offer a carefully crafted book, these articles, interviews, lectures and workshops.

We call this path Transformative Parenting®, highlighting its transformative effect on parents. It is also highly effective in developing compassion, empathy, and self-confidence in children. Those who come from a spiritual background of meditation, yoga, prayer, or martial arts will find shared concepts here, as will early childhood educators versed in the ideas of Maria Montessori and developmental psychology. 

Do more than read one or two articles: Take your time. If you read the book (we hope you will!) Please do it carefully. Because we use common words in very specific ways, those who browse or skim may misunderstand, or learn only a fraction of what is there.

In this website, the Articles tab will take you to original articles. The News tab offers commentary on external articles. The Events tab announces upcoming Transformative Parenting® events, and reports on older ones.

There are many places to begin: Perhaps our latest post on Gratitude, or the use of punishment .